Thursday, April 30, 2009

If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all...

I guess that was this month for me. I promised not to be doom and gloom and ended up not writing anything at all...

On the plus side another month is over. I've applied for 17 new jobs-one in which I actually knew someone who knew someone and sent my resume off to corporate.

I've gotten a handful of rejections from agents-well, truthfully two handfuls and I've sent out a handful more queries.

I somehow missed the deadline for early application for the Master's program- even though I sent all my stuff in- heard from all my rec letter people that they sent their stuff in weeks before deadline AND I sent a follow up e-mail asking if anything was missing days before deadline... deadline came and went and the college sent me a letter to let me know they did not have one of my rec letters. I called. The letter was sent March 29. They couldn't find it. I faxed a new copy...and now I wait for the next deadline to see if I'm accepted... semester starts in June. Second acceptance deadline is May probably January. If at all.

I'm still "undivorced" as that has to wait until I can support myself and have health insurance.

Oh, and we are still getting four or five calls a week looking for escorts or ladies looking for work. Crazy.

Meantime, I'm warm and dry and fed. So, no complaints. Here's hoping for more blogs in May.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making an effort

In an effort not to be so filled with doom or gloom, I am posting positive things this month.

I have applied for a Master's degree program. It is a two year course that works around full time employment. Early admission deadline is April 21st. I think I have everything sent in. I'm waiting on the last of my recommendation letters. And most importantly the financial aid.

In the meantime I have applied for three jobs this month.

I had coffee with an aspiring writer who told me I was a beautiful woman. Which was nice- embarrassing-but nice. I thanked him and asked him to tell me more about what he writes.

I am so far from being ready to think about dating, etc. But I have finally understood that while I will always love him, I am no longer in love with the man I am married to. Acceptance is the last stage in grief. I'm there. Finally.