Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making an effort

In an effort not to be so filled with doom or gloom, I am posting positive things this month.

I have applied for a Master's degree program. It is a two year course that works around full time employment. Early admission deadline is April 21st. I think I have everything sent in. I'm waiting on the last of my recommendation letters. And most importantly the financial aid.

In the meantime I have applied for three jobs this month.

I had coffee with an aspiring writer who told me I was a beautiful woman. Which was nice- embarrassing-but nice. I thanked him and asked him to tell me more about what he writes.

I am so far from being ready to think about dating, etc. But I have finally understood that while I will always love him, I am no longer in love with the man I am married to. Acceptance is the last stage in grief. I'm there. Finally.

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