Friday, March 27, 2009


I notice all my posts this month are filled with gloom, doom and despair. Sheesh- I'm as bad as the media.

Interestingly enough we have started getting calls again for the escort service. I had a young woman leave a message that went on and on about what a good worker she was, how she was 30 but could pass for 25, a full description and-love this tip- how she knew how to work a credit card machine so they wouldn't have to pay in cash. Crazy.

We've also gotten "customer service" calls from people claiming to be yellow page reps-from their cell phones- wanting to know if we're happy with the ad. Is it for real? Wouldn't they call from the company phones? I don't know-if so, that guy is losing money by not calling the companies and fixing the snafu. If not- then he's still lurking trying to get us to give up the number...

Odd, isn't it?

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