Friday, March 6, 2009

bits and oddness

Couple, two or three things...

1) Headlines this morning scream unemployment hasn't been this low since 1983...good news is I got a job that year.

2) I don't know if you believe in psychic abilities or not... but I was in the middle of a loud dream when I heard my son's voice say - "Someone come help me." Then again-this time, pissed off as if he'd been hollering for some time and no one was listening. "Someone come help me!" Since he wasn't in my dream and his voice was not part of the dream- I woke up. Looked at the clock. It was 4:30 a.m. My son lives 600 miles away. He works nights- sleeps in his car for two hours between was time for him to be in his car- so I got up and called him. At first he didn't answer-which, I'm not going to lie made me a bit nervous-but then he called before I could dial again. Seems he wasn't at work- his car had blown a second tire the day before and now sat on the side of the highway- he'd gotten a replacement tire only to discover that someone had thrown a rock through his back window shattering his back windshield. He was pissed and pacing-But safe! Thank God. Strange what connections we humans have.


3) My daughter asked me what GOP stood for- why do they call the Republicans GOP but the Democrats Dems? Huh. I didn't know. So we hit Wikipedia... Here's the answer- The Republican party was the party of Lincoln- they were an "upstart" party (fairly new) and full of their victory. So, sarcastically were called the "Grand OLD Party" Shortened to GOP. "So," my daughter concludes. "You have a who bunch of people proudly calling themselves something that started off as making fun of them? Wow- kind of like Yankee Doodle- I cringe whenever they teach little kids to be proud to sing Yankee Doodle. Don't they know it was the Brits making fun of us-yet there we go... pretending like that's a good thing. Huh, sounds like the jokes on them." Snort. Hmmm, sarcasm gets lost in history I guess...

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