Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doom and Gloom

I've been writing posts in my head and somehow they don't quite make it to this blog. Huh. The news is stuck in this sort of gleeful, hand wringing. Telling tales of more doom and gloom. Look here- a purchasing manager can't find work and is applying to be a life guard. He says if that doesn't work he's also applied to be a parking attendant. Bwahahah- see how bad. People with multiple degrees are reduced to finding jobs usually reserved for teens...millions out of work. Millions more to come.

The stock market will never recover-wring hands-oh, no... the new president's policies are too radical- we're all doomed! Sheesh-(Give them time people. It hasn't even been two months.) I remember just three years ago when they were reporting breathlessly how unusually high the market was- how they were sure it would crash at any second. But wait! No it's going up and up!! Record levels...Breathless-waiting for the dooom! Does that crap really sell papers? This is why I turned my back on journalism and went into marketing. I was never one for whispering gossip and making it as juicy and breathless as possible. Reminds me of gossiping old ladies.

They keep saying- the world has changed-forever! Hello- it's no different for those of us who never spent $20 a day on Starbucks. Who didn't keep trading up to bigger and bigger McMansions. Who paid out bills. Didn't live on credit. Grow our own fresh veggies. Recycle. I never had a lot in the stock market- couldn't afford to save that way. I never bought designer duds-never jumped in with the supposed "rest of the world" and competed with labels and vacations. Etc. We always paid our bills. Rented movies. Had a 15 year old television. A 5 year old phone. We always used things until they dropped.

And yet, my life wasn't that doom and gloom. Sure, it's tough out there. I'm not going to lie. I have applied for 50 jobs so far this year with five rejections and no phone calls...none. (I think they fired a lot of the recruiters...) But you know- there are still ads in the paper. People are hiring. It's still a matter finding a fit. So in the face of hand wringing journalists, I stand up and keep going. Sooner or later- things will get better. They always do.

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