Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Yep- still stalled. It's March 18th and so far I've applied for 11 jobs that most closely match my qualifications. There are others that I could do-but last year's interviews taught me that in this economy there are always other people with actual experience in the field who will get the job first. So, I tend to stick to applying for what I do...

To save my mental health I am looking at going back to school. Why does this save my mental health? It gives me something to do while I job hunt. It teaches me new skills. Takes me in new directions.

Right now I'm looking into two very different paths- 1) I am considering a Masters in counseling with the thought that I would like to counsel women in the position I and my friends find ourselves-hormonal changes and life changes at midlife. No one really tells you how to cope and doctors all seem to shrug or pat us on the head and say this too will pass. But it is shocking to wake up one day unable to do what you did before. Now you have to take care of the "old" woman you're living inside or she will go mad- things like, rest more, eat better, exercise more, calm down more, etc. It's a pain.

2) My second thought is- maybe I should be who I am- a writer. So I'm also looking into MFA and MA programs in creative writing. The goal there would be to teach at the junior college level and continue my writing career. Perhaps even build up a speaking workshop sideline for writing groups and other organizations. Must be careful though- I've heard a few people say that nothing ruins a good story telling voice like an MFA program... also- I'm not really into experimental fiction...

Question is- which direction do I go in? How do I pay for it?

I'm making a list of pros and cons. I'll let you know what happens. Meanwhile, I apply for jobs.

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