Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Never ending darkside tales...

So, I applied for a web director job for a company in Walla, Walla Washington. Six weeks later I got an e-mail telling me they had decided to hire from within, but they had another opening I may be perfect for...Editorial Director. My dream job. I set up a phone interview which I am lead to believe went very well. I am told by the nice HR director that she will take my candidacy to the Senior Management and get back to me in a few days. Two weeks later she writes and tells me that the Sr. Management has a few "concerns." UGH!. I call her and address the concerns. She sets up a phone interview with the head guys. I spend three hours on the phone with them-ever mindful of their "concerns." I am smart, articulate and express to them that this is my "dream" job...Really. I hang up and wait another two weeks before I e-mail back. The HR lady tells me they want me to take a personality test. I go to the test site-take the test-which is 1.5 hours long. I wait. Two weeks later I contact them again...really, my dream job... HR tells me she is waiting for results of said test-test company spokesperson has been ill and out of work. Two weeks later she e-mails me. She tells me I tested very high for sales. She sends me the job description. Would I be interested in sales? I tell her I'll look it over. (Major disappointment because clearly the "dream" job is now off the table.) I ponder job. I have questions I set up a phone interview time. She does not call. I call her but now I am a bother. She cannot answer my questions- she will set up yet another phone interview in two to four weeks. I waited three days then politely excused myself from their job hunt-citing the fact that I would like to use my experience in writing and graphic design and creative leadership.

Months of work and another "dream" job down the toilet.

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