Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tales from the dark side 1

I've been job hunting for nearly a year...seriously for six months. I've had numerous phone interviews. One very bizarre video interview for which I went out and purchased a state-of-the-art camera and then ...began the face to face interviews.

The whole experience has been a nightmare.

First interview:

A small magazine publisher was looking for a Senior Editor. Cool. They called. I went out and bought a suit that fit. Drove the 25 miles to the spot. Parked and went in. The magazine was for Police and EMS personnel. This will work since I have experience in publishing publications for emergency guides, maps and personnel. I walked in and introduced myself to a nervous receptionist...blond...20 something. I waited in a foyer that was decorated with models of police cars and fire trucks. An assistant came in- also blond and 20 something-led me to the interview room where I met the publisher/CEO. We spoke. I answered all his questions. Showed him my portfolio and writing samples. Did the personal sales pitch. Then he told me about the job- which turned out to be an acquiring editor position/face of the mag...when he showed me a photo of the guy who was leaving I knew I was sunk. I was not the right gender and I certainly didn't have enough gray hair. This publication was meant to be read by "real men" and, since I'm also not blond, I knew I would not get hired. We locked eyes and he knew I knew I would not get hired. I stood, shook his hand and left. Said goodbye to the two blonds inside and met a third blond in the parking lot on her way up. She smiled and said..."How did it go?" I lied. "Well." Then she nodded, "Good luck." I think we both knew we'd never see each other again.

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