Friday, February 6, 2009

The "Middle" Age

A few years ago when my husband was transferred to a city a thousand miles away, I thought, fabulous! It was the perfect time to quit my day job and concentrate on writing. I was under contract for seven was the start of a solid career. Right?

Um, no.The seven books netted me a total of $14,000. I was unable to take the next step and sell into the midlevel market. And I found myself in a new town with no friends.

What is worse is I discovered I was always the odd man out. You have the stay at home moms with little kids. They gather in groups and talk about diapers and nursing and conferences and class parties, etc. My kids were in the final years of school. So, we had nothing in common.

The only other people about are the"grey hairs." People my parents age who retired early. They take trips to see their grand children. Vacation in their time shares and talk about their bunion surgery.

Lucky for me my daughter shares many of my interests. She goes with me to afternoon movies where we are the only two under the age of 60. When we go for a day at the mall...again, we stick out like a sore thumb-neither the mommy set doing stroller aerobics nor the senior set mall walking their way across America.

Where are the people my age? They are at work.

Great. My life implodes and I begin to do the serious job search. What do I discover? I'm too old. I have too much experience. I'm stuck in that funny place between Mommy and retirement. All I can do is wait...and sometimes dance in the isles with the grey hairs...

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