Friday, November 21, 2008

Things just keep getting weirder every day...

All I can say is-What the fuck??!?

Had my phone interview this morning only to discover it was for a job I applied to in March-then tried again in May. A job I had a recruiter call me about in July...and a second recruiter call me in September. Of course-this was a blind ad and it wasn't until I talked with this third recruiter for over twenty minutes that she mentioned who and what the job was for. At which point I had to tell her I'd already been presented multiple times. "Oh." She said. "Well, I'll call and see if they have you in the queue already." Ten minutes later I get an e-mail telling me she would keep me in mind for other jobs...sigh. Okay, seriously if I'm clearly that right for the job why can't I get an interview with the HR people filling it?

Things get even more weird.... shortly after the above e-mail I get an e-mail from the guy I interviewed with in my old home town. (Short guy, too much white hair...) I open the e-mail. He says this "Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I've been in Washington (last week) and Chicago (this week) and am just now trying to catch up on email.

I enjoyed our meeting very much. You are obviously a very talented woman with an impressive range of interests. I hope we will have a chance to talk again soon. Schedules are a little crazy with the holidays, but perhaps we can find time to have lunch before too long?

Let me know what your schedule is like."

I swear that is what he if I were a guy it would sound like networking-but since I'm not a guy-it sounds like a date... Ugh!!!

I want a job- not a date. Since he is a potential boss- can you say "WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE?"

Sheesh. Someone just kill me now. Much head banging on desk to ensue.

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