Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Land of the Lost

It's been nearly two months since I had a job interview. There's nothing new to report.

I found a new ad that I thought was great. So I copied and pasted the job posting next to my resume and really worked to highlight what fit and delete anything that didn't. I was so proud. I wrote a dynamite cover letter and hit send. Then something about the company rang a bell in my head. I went through my files of jobs applied for and sure enough...I had sent my resume in for the same job four months ago. It was a bit deflating.

Then on Monday-in the middle of a family crisis- I got a call from a recruiter. Then an e-mail. Am I interested in this job? Then another phone call. They have an URGENT need to fill this job. So, I sent him my resume and job requirements- he passed them on. This Urgent job? It was one I have applied to twice in the past ten months...No, I'm not expecting a call. All I can think is: if they had hired me the first time, it wouldn't be so urgent, now...would it?

Off to the job boards...there's an opening for a correspondent in Moscow...

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