Thursday, December 4, 2008

The News Today

Two headlines jump out at me. 1) Layoff numbers are growing and the number of people on food stamps has risen 17 percent. 2) Divorced people and those seeking divorce are choosing to continue to live together in these tough economic times. Why? They can't sell the damn house.

I felt like a failure until I read these headlines. I am not alone. My wonderful friends reminded me that we have been in a worsening recession since I started job hunting February 1. This means, logically, that the trouble I'm having finding a job is not due to my own failure or lack of enterprise. There is something oddly comforting in that. It changes nothing. I still need a job. In fact the headlines create a feeling desperation. The marketing is squeezing tighter every day, in other words, my chances of supporting myself grow more dim daily. Kind of like being trapped on the Titanic and watching the life boats float out of range. Hard not to feel desperate. But at least I'm not alone and it's not my fault. Small comfort that it is.

Then I am certain people think I am nuts for staying with my hopefully soon to be ex during this whole process. Well, looks like I've started a trend. I think it's crazier to live on the streets just to get away from the man. I tolerated him for 24 years-I can continue to do so. Do I wish things would change- you bet. Can I change them on my own? It appears in these hunker down times I cannot.

So, the headlines are my life and I am not alone. Huh. I'd still rather be one of the lucky ones in the life boat, no matter how many of us are still on the sinking ship.

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