Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WTF Moments

I was glancing through the job boards yesterday-this after I told myself I could take the next few weeks off-what with the holidays, etc-who hires? But I glanced anyway. There in bright bold lettering marked-New Today!- were three jobs I had already applied for twice this year...three.

What are they looking for? These jobs even called me for a phone interview-but in the end, decided they weren't hiring just yet. Now-they have the ad in the job boards....again.

Really? Really? What kind of mind games are these? Who do they think will answer-oh, wait, us desperate, out-of-work, highly qualified people- that's who. Why do they do it? I think the HR people are bored and they do to screw with us. Seriously. Why else waste the money on job ads?

What do they think? That if they put in enough ads, *God* will come calling? What? (We all know that even if the *perfect* candidate called, they would refuse to pay him what he's worth.)

I should take a couple of weeks off from the madness. I should. I've developed a twitch over my right eye. But it's like having a sore tooth, I just can't stop myself from poking it.

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