Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sign of the times

Just last month the number of jobs posted within 150 mile radius of my home in the past thirty days was 5,625. Today the number of jobs posted in the past thirty days with 150 mile radius is 2,240. Less than half as many jobs.

It was suggested to me that I push freelancing magazine articles, etc. Except for the fact that every out-of-work writer I know is trying to make money writing freelance articles. Some authors with books coming out are also supplementing dwindling advances with freelance articles while newspapers and magazines are disappearing...

I feel as though I've missed the boat...the train...and the next bus.

That said, I did apply to three jobs yesterday. Maybe one of those will stick. As I told a friend, you have to have hope. There is no other choice. :)

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