Friday, January 9, 2009

Another week down

Headline: Joblessness is on the rise.
Headline: Thousands more jobs to be lost.
Headline: Could see double digit unemployment.

Sigh- so cheerful, these journalists are. I think because a lot of papers are making deep cuts and journalists are the unemployed these days. So, they're running around squawking like Chicken Little that the sky is falling. Duh.

Good news- I applied for three jobs this week. Bad news-I avoided two others-wince- avoided as in knew I qualified but really, really didn't want to go there. So much so that I found myself outside for over an hour the other day, ice picking frozen dog poo off the frozen ground instead of inside-in the warmth with my computer-sending out resumes. Crazy!

Yes, yes, in this economy, what I want doesn't matter much. I'm not getting any younger- and that makes things worse. Yes, I'll march myself back to those two jobs and apply-sigh.

It sucks to be a grown up.

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