Sunday, January 4, 2009

Does anyone follow this blog?

I've been told that I should use the gadget that allows people to sign up to follow this blog. I'm a bit afraid of that gadget. What if no one signs up? What if it sits for months begging someone, any one, to follow this blog? Maybe I'll add the gadget. Just to see if there are people so bored as to want to read a blog about a forty something woman starting over-without a job- or a million dollar mansion or a housekeeper or a nanny... Hollywood wouldn't believe it were true. :)

So, I'm adding the gadget today. We'll see if anyone owns up to reading. (If you prefer to lurk-that's fine. I don't mind lurking-it's the smirking and pointing while laughing that piss me off...)

Oh, by the way, I applied for a job last week-surprise. It was for a Marketing Services Manager for a company who hosts meetings and travel. And, remember the company I interviewed with in my old home town? The one where the guy wanted to go to lunch with me? I actually heard from the HR Director-a generic e-mail explaining that, no, the job has not yet been filled and would not be filled during the holidays-so happy new year, everyone... (Crazy, I applied in September. Sounds like this is one of those companies where it takes 6 months to get someone to take any action. Sigh.)

Maybe things will pick up this week... a girl can hope.

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