Sunday, January 18, 2009

Going to the Mattresses...

Okay- I will admit that I am scared-and upset- so, I want to fight, fight fight. All I can do is bounce around like Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail" and punch the air.

This guy threatened to go to the newspapers and tell them we are the ones running the business from our home- so my wise-ass mind starts writing headlines:

"Desperate housewife runs escort service from cul de sac."

"Romance writer does more then pen porn."

"Novelist learns no money in writing, turns to more lucrative business."

"From Romance Author to Madame in two easy steps."

"Downturn in economy causes more "home-based" businesses to thrive."

I could go on...but I won't. We got more calls last night. The guy had an Indian accent. Now, why does that seem funny to me? Does it seem funny to you? Ok, seriously, try to imagine a man with an Indian accent soliciting sex... all I can do is chuckle...

Have decided to change the message on my answering machine. Am thinking about the following:

Beep- "You have reached a private residence with caller ID. Please note that all calls and phone numbers are being recorded and may be used as evidence in an on-going police investigation. Please leave your name and address at the beep. A friendly officer will be happy to get in touch with you."

What do you think?


Mari Powell said...

LOL - love the outgoing message! Go for it!

But srsly, this sleazeball is such a dumbass. If he tries to go to the newspapers with those lies, you can nail him (pun intended!) for libel, and get even *more* money out of him.

He's getting desperate, so watch yourselves.

- Mari

Nan said...

OMG- I just realized what an awful pun the title is...

I meant it in terms of the "Godfather."